The Iconic Negombo

Today our story is about a two day trip to Negombo. Apart from the dazzling beaches in Negombo, we also visited several places such as the Negombo Lagoon, which is a part of the Muthurajawela Marsh where boat rides for very reasonable amounts could be negotiated. The lagoon is one fascinating stop in the locality as the tranquil  view is just a world away from beach and sea.

Jetwing Lagoon Boats
Jetwing Lagoon Boats

The city of Negombo has great connection with the fishing industry and it’s one of the main occupations in the city. Therefore it has a large scale fish market in Negombo town. The city also caters to a large number of tourists who always arrive to Negombo for its tropical sandy shorelines.

Apart from that, you could find a lot of Catholic churches around Negombo since Christianity is the most popular religion in the region (clear implication as to why it is called Little Rome of Sri Lanka). So there were some more to  checkout at Negombo. So we made our next stop at the sacred St. Mary’s Church in Negombo that consists some of the classical paintings which you could ever find in Sri Lanka, painted on its ceiling.

The tropical coastal belt in Negombo or most commonly known as “Little Rome” of Sri Lanka is one of the most convenient tourist hots-pots in the country, which is just 8 km away from Bandaranaike International Airport (20 min journey) and is also close to 38 km away from Colombo.

BTW if you are a foreign traveler we would like to suggest you to select Negombo as the final stop during a stay in Sri Lanka owing to the convenience factor of reaching the Airport in a very short time along with the superb accommodation you get in plenty around the area 🙂 . So it is guaranteed that this selection would ramp up your journey in a tremendous way!

One Memorable Stay!! Great Place! Great Food!

After all the exploration in the Negombo city… Yes we were so very tired. So it was time for us to check in to the place we’ve booked to spend the rest of our trip. It’s a known fact that entire Negombo is filled with lots of star class hotels, restaurants and bistros. Malith was just lucky that he could book “Jetwing Blue” for a very reasonable rate. Actually it was an early bird offer which he managed to pick, so got a very decent rate on our stay.

The total room cost on a full board basis would be around LKR30,000 where you could always go for a B/B basis or try out the seasonal hotel offers like Early bird, Room Rush or any other offers and make your budget a very affordable one indeed. So do not forget to check out the specific hotel web site before booking your stay as lots of goods deals could be waiting for you 🙂 .

Well I should be frank… the hotel just had a gorgeous view of the blue ocean and the food served was also fantastic along with an international buffet for all three meals with a great variety. The desserts were our personal delights… They were just so delicious. So better go and try out !!

Jetwing Blue Breakfast
Jetwing Blue Breakfast
Jetwing Blue Breakfast

The pool side was another area which made us much cheerful. The poolside chairs were one of my favorite locations in this hotel to relax myself and work on my travel writes 🙂 while Malith enjoyed his swim in the calm blue waters. Most of the rooms had a very appealing view of the sea, beach and the pool and in the night it was a much much more better view 🙂 🙂 .

Poolside chair… one chilling spot 🙂

Since Negombo is one of the hotel clustered areas in the country, in addition to Jetwing Blue, Jetwing Sea, Jetwing Beach, Heritance Negombo, Camelot Beach Hotel and Jetwing Lagoon are some of the famous other hotels in the area that we could also recommend you to visit to make a memorable stay in the Little Rome of Sri Lanka. More details of the hotels are at the bottom of the post under the “Recommended by LetsgoCeylon” section.

The shoreline filled with plenty of quality lodging

On the next day we decided to check out another beautiful Jetwing owned hotel in the locality. So then we visited Jetwing Lagoon which also paved the way to enjoy the gentle atmosphere by the Negombo Lagoon. Well a cocktail or a mocktail by the lagoon would have been just great. Unfortunately since we were to catch the train at 5.30 pm we had to leave exploring the place for our next visit as it was high time for us to pack our bag packs and return home.

Glimpse of Jetwing Lagoon

Beautiful lagoon in the picture

Cheers Everyone & Happy Travels 🙂

Shadini & Malith

Recommended places to stay by LetsgoCeylon

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