Surroundings at Haputale

Early morning in the Haputale town… The weather is so cool out here 🙂

Haputale, a city with rich bio diversity, cozy mountains and breathe taking sceneries, is situated in Badulla district, Uva Province. We traveled to Haputale via a private vehicle which was around 174 km from Colombo (slightly more than 4 hrs of travelling). You could also take the train and travel to Haputale which will be around 8 hrs of travelling. However, after reaching Haputale we would recommend that its convenient you hire a private cab and visit the places around Haputale just as we did if you wish to cover the most in this wonderful landscape 🙂  .

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Haputale has one cozy climate where at night the temperature falls even below 10°C. So yea it is pretty cool out there at Haputale and a lot similar to the climate in Nuwara Eliya. During our trip to the amazing hilltops of Haputale, we visited attractions like, the “Lipton’s Seat”, Diyaluma Waterfall, tea estates, tea factories like the Dambatenne Tea Factory and the bungalow with historic value “The Adisham Monastery”. You could always read our articles on above mentioned attractions at Haputale and plan your trip to see the beauty of Sri Lanka.

We visited Haputale during the month of January where the weather was still very cool. Amidst this tucked up climate 🙂 , the fabulous early morning view from our hotel window (we stayed at “Hotel High Cliffe Haputale”) just tempted us to pack our travelling gear and start wandering through the streets of Haputale. The people around were really friendly and helpful. We made our way towards the railway station where we managed to capture a lot gorgeous views which would make one feel that we should really come over to this lovely place on earth and spend some time. So after a few hours of wondering we made our way to see the other awesome things here.

The amazing views of the misty hilltops around

The early morning view from our hotel room 🙂 🙂

The busy roads of Haputale. Public transport in the area is superb!! Plenty of them around

On our way towards the Haputale Railway Station

Another breath taking shot of the surroundings

Get your train tickets and hop over to Haputale!!

Adisham Monastery

The Adisham Monastery/Bungalow (further referred to as Adisham Hall) is a cloister for Benedictine Monks, situated approximately 4 km away from Haputale, in the Badulla District of Sri Lanka’s Uva Province. This lodge was built in 1931 by Sir Thomas Villiers, an English blue-blood and planter, and is currently a famous tourist hotspot in Haputale, visited by both neighborhood and outside travelers, every year. This is just 10 mins away from the Haputale town and 3.3 km away. So we would recommend you to walk to the destination or take a tuk-tuk which we would cost you less than LKR200.0 for the ride.

We visited the Monastery at around 9.30 am on a Saturday, where it is opened from 9.00 am-12.30 pm and from 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm on every Saturday, Sunday, poya days and during all school holidays which fall during the months of April, July – August and in December. A small ticket of LKR100/adult and LKR50/child should be purchased at its entrance.

When the bungalow was initially purchased, Seville oranges, strawberries and guavas were found. This provoked the priests in the residence to develop a range of home-made Adisham products for which Adisham has become increasingly famous for. We also purchased some jam, cordial and chutney during our visit. The Orange Marmalade, strawberry Jams, Fresh Fruit Cordials and variety of Chutneys were so appealing and these are only a few goods that are produced at the premises.

However taking photographs inside was prohibited. So we surely missed out on that and would leave all of you to come by and unleash the beautiful mysteries at this Benedictine monastery by yourselves!!

The grotto of Our Lady at the Adisham monastery

The Adisham Monastery and its beautiful gardens

The bungalow is on a cliff… So the view beneath was just amazing!!

Diyaluma Waterfall

This attraction at Haputale is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka with a height of 220 m. If you are interested in admiring every bit of Haputale, well this place cannot be missed. This is around 30 km away from Haputale town and the roads are bit wavy towards the location. So it is recommended that you hire a cab from Haputale town and travel to see this waterfall or else you could make this location your second stop after visiting the Lipton’s Seat (around 21 km away from Lipton’s Seat). This will also give you a small hiking experience as well as the narrow pathway which leads towards the waterfall is a small thrilling trip or we could rephrase it as a jump from rock to rock 🙂 . So do not forget to visit Diyaluma falls if you are heading towards Haputale!!

An unexpected view on our way back from Diyaluma waterfall to Haputale

About Food & Lodging

The Hotel High Cliffe in the Haputale town which was just a 5 mins walk from the railway station. On a room only basis we made our booking which cost us LKR1,500 per night and that surely was worth the deal. They had the essentials like WiFi and hot water along with a decent living area. So I would say it’s the best you can get for your money!

Our meal plans were pretty simple as there were few Sinhalese and Tamil restaurants around the area which had some variety of food like Biriyani, Dosai, Roti and many more. As I told before, public transport and tuk-tuks (Trishaws) were freely available which helped us on our expeditions at Haputale a lot.

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